Requirements and How to Submit

Let’s keep things simple. Send us a cover page with an outline, an excerpt, and if necessary, some artwork and we're all set.

Tier 1 Requirements:

Cover page with outline: 1-2 pages

Cover page: Include your name, email address, and a brief bio. Also, tell us all about your project. Why did you create it? What is it about? What do you want the audience to get out of it?
Outline: Create a brief yet informative outline. Think of it as the broad strokes of the narrative arc (the beginning, middle, and end of your story).
Not finished with your project? Don't worry about it. Just let us know, fill in what you can, and elaborate more on your idea.

Manuscript excerpt/Artwork:

Web Comics: 5 comics.
Novels: An excerpt of 2,000 words or less.
Short Story Collection: 2-3 short stories.
Flash Fiction Collections: 5-7 stories.
Poetry: 5-7 poems.
Children’s books: An excerpt of 1,000 words or less.
Illustration Collection: 5-7 illustrations.
Photography Book: 5-7 photos.
Doesn't fit in? An excerpt of 2,000 words or less and/or 5 artwork pieces.
Artwork: For photography, illustrations, or any project with artwork please direct RHX to a place online for us to view additional work (if possible).

How to Submit:

After following all the requirements, please submit your documents and/or artwork via email to:

Email Requirements:

1.  All documents and artwork must be attached to the email.
2.  Use only the following accepted file types for documents:
     .doc | .docx | .txt | .pdf
3.  Each piece of artwork cannot exceede 2MB.

Please note: Unless all requirements are followed, RHX will not be able to review your project for submission.