Q and A

If you have any other questions, go visit our Contact page. If we think they'll benefit everyone else, you'll most likely see it end up here.

How does our submissions process help you?

•  There’s less work to initially submit, so your project doesn’t have to be 100% complete.
•  We don’t just read your submission, we try with all of our might to respond with feedback, whether you’re accepted or not.
•  If you don’t make the cut, we’ll be honest. Sometimes we’re just not a good fit, but other times we may want you to submit again after you’ve polished things up.

Does RHX shy away from certain styles or genres?

We do not limit subject matter, writing style, or the amount of genres we’re willing to publish (except nonfiction). If we think you have a great idea and the talent to pull it off, we’ll publish it.

Our Limitations

Unfortunately, there are only so many submissions we can read and respond to and so many we can accept before reaching our capacity. Giving specific numbers is a bit tricky, but we promise to let you know when that limit is reached.