The RHX Take on Publishing Industry Issues


The current compensation standards for authors/artists vary throughout the industry, but where they don’t vary is in how unbalanced they compensate. Typically, authors receive less profit than the publisher for printed books and, at times, significantly less profit for e-books. Many companies take a cut of the profits from the printer to the online retailers. With what's leftover from those necessities, RHX gives authors and artists 90% or more.

The Submissions Process

We all know how difficult it is to break into the publishing industry, but it can be even more upsetting when a publisher rejects your work without explaining why. At RHX, we give the authors/artists an option to receive feedback with their submission which explains how we made our decision.

Niche Markets

RHX supports its fellow independent publishers who provide creative freedom to authors in the current publishing industry. We understand how helpful it is to have publishers focus on certain genres or writing styles. However, we also think that when an upcoming author is shopping around their work, having to squeeze their project into the aesthetic niche of a small press can become discouraging and limiting.

Self Publishing

Self publishing is a great alternative for many people, and some have earned huge success with it. Unfortunately, it remains a stigmatized venue for authors and finding quality, self-published writing is time consuming. Not all great writers are great editors, graphic designers, or illustrators, and each of these art forms comes together when crafting a book.