Why the name?

RHX is named after the Wankel rotary engine. You might be thinking, "Huh?" or “the rotary engine was a commercial failure and notoriously inefficient” and you’d be right. It’s the creative determination that inspired the name. The rotary engine symbolizes the act of embracing creative ideas in the face of marketability doubts. And while it isn't the most efficient solution for the auto industry, it's a great fit for publishing.

RHX Philosophy

The RHX identity is defined by how we approach certain aspects of the publishing industry:

  • Author/Artist Compensation: RHX never receives more than you.
  • Ownership rights: RHX does not own your work, you do.
  • Creative control: RHX guides and advises, but never takes away.
  • Productive creativity: RHX helps you finish what you start.

  • The Creative Mind

    Simplicity, confidence, consistency – RHX believes in you, no matter your experience level. We do our best to develop a pathway for you to become productively creative, to grow your confidence, and to bring your art to others. Potential is as important as talent. Ideas are as important as the execution. You can get into RHX in more ways than one. And if you do, we’ll be there to help.

    Self Reflection

    RHX recognizes its limitations. We don’t make claims or guarantees of wealth and fame. Our reach is currently small, but we keep things genuine. And because we’re motivated by creative freedom, we focus on what sparked your creativity and keep that imagination alive in everything you do with us.