Why submit to RHX when I can self-publish?

The truth is, some people can do all of this themselves: the writing, editing, illustration, graphic design, marketing, web design, publishing administration, and all of the creative skills that come together to ensure a project reaches a professional level. If that is the case, then perhaps RHX is not for you. But if you can't or don't want to do it all yourself and you have some great ideas you want to share, then RHX may be just the place for you.

What volume of book or merchandise sales can I expect?

This all depends on the audience accumulated. RHX is still growing, so our audience is very small. We can’t promise any numbers and we don’t choose projects for their marketability or profitability potential.

If you need this to pay bills or sustain a living, then RHX may not be right for you. But if you want a great place to start, a great place to build an audiance, or you've been unsatisfied with the industry in some way, RHX can help.

What if I’m unsatisfied with RHX?

If RHX doesn’t meet your expectations and/or fails to meet your needs, then we’ll professionally negotiate out of our contract together and ensure that we part amicably.

How long will the publication process take?

There is no one answer to this question. Unfortunately, the editing, creative direction, legal, and administrative side to publishing can be slow moving and RHX is still learning the ropes. We choose quality over quantity and would rather take our time than rush. So, if we chose your work and you’re willing to be patient with us, we believe that we will bring your creative work to completion.

Does RHX only publish eBooks?

No. RHX publishes hardback, paperback, and eBook versions of your work or any combination that we agree upon.

Does RHX publish non-fiction?

No. We apologize, but at this time we do not have the resources to publish non-fiction.

Webcomic Publishing Q&A

The webcomic format isn’t for everyone, but it is a medium that is steadily rising in popularity and a helpful way to become more creatively productive.

How is publishing a webcomic different than publishing a book?

The main difference is that a webcomic can function and become successful before a book is made available. From its creation to before a book is published is where RHX comes in and helps.

Does RHX require you to publish a book of your webcomic? If so, does it have to be published through RHX?

No. You are never required to publish a book of your webcomic.

No. If you do publish a book of your webcomic, you are not required to choose RHX as your publisher of that book, because RHX does not own your work. The webcomic contract, however, gives you the option to publish your webcomic’s book with RHX.

What does publishing a webcomic mean?

If your webcomic is published by RHX, we will negotiate a contract based upon the following services that professionally establish your webcomic online and help it grow:

• Website design/development/implementation
• Marketing/Social Media Strategy
• Graphic Design
• Creative Direction
• Print/E-Book Option

In addition, your webcomic will be visible on the RHX website to help generate viewers.

What does RHX get out of this?

In short, RHX receives a visual presence on your webcomic and the potential to greatly help the RHX webcomic community grow and prosper.

What if you decide to publish your webcomic’s book through RHX?

If RHX publishes your webcomic, we consider your 1st book automatically accepted by our submissions process. We then treat the book as a separate contract, exactly as other fiction books are published.

How is RHX compensated?

Unlike fiction books, there is not a flat rate percentage. Our webcomic profit is based upon what services your webcomic needs to grow. The fewer services you use, the less percentage RHX receives, with a maximum percentage of 10%. If you end up needing more services than agreed upon at the begining of the contract, we will either create a new contract or point you in the direction of our helpful freelance team.

In addition to a percentage of the profits, RHX maintains a visible presence on your webcomic's website. This visibility can be used in any manner beneficial to RHX and the RHX webcomic community, including but not limited to, RHX ads, RHX webcomic ads, and links to RHX published content.