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A Publishing House for the Imaginative

Rotary House Experimental publishes a spectrum of work that displays what technology, text, and visual art can do when they come together.

We believe authors should have more control and earn more profit than the publisher. When we do more with less, authors benefit and we can all take more risks.

RHX Abridged


At RHX, when technology, text, and visual art come together, authors earn more, risks are taken, and emerging artists make their mark.


Many companies take a cut of the profits from the printer to the online retailers. With what's leftover from those necessities, RHX never earns more than the author.

Creativity Over Marketability

Afraid your project isn't marketable? Afraid of losing creative control? At RHX, we take chances on creativity and trust in your imagination.


Welcoming and cozy, we provide authors and artists with a flexible environment that includes:

  • unsolicited ideas,
  • the option for feedback,
  • creativity without limits, and
  • nontraditional formats.
New Media Projects

In addition to publishing fiction, RHX publishes new media projects. This is a broad term that encompasses web-based, app-based, or any new media on the horizon.

Hardback, Paperback, or E-Book?

We believe there is no wrong way to read - a hardback 1st edition, a worn-in paperback, a compact e-reader, or new media projects. We create them all.

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